Investment Strategies




An enduring long term perspective

An institutional owner mindset


A strong data orientation

Effective Navigation of Ecosystem

Fierce agility & a drive to maximise returns


Create outsized returns by leveraging IB differentiated insights, relationships, and execution capabilities.


Execute efficient financial structuring to ensure regular income, downside protection and capital appreciation on investments.


Strong security package, pro-active asset management and investor protection measures.


Large AUM play comprising various Smaller Funds across strategies that remain current till full deployment.


Capture growth opportunities across the lifecycle of the Portfolio Entities through primary, secondary and co-investment opportunities.


Credit led

Opportunistic and tactical

Undertake structured equity investments and mezzanine investments, with established, reputed developers in each micro market. Invest in mid-income housing projects with reasonable approval certainty. Micro markets with high economic activity, that justify high demand. Projects that have demonstrated a proof of concept in demand offtake, pricing or competition.


Focus on mid-sized offices

Investment across three buckets – Core, Core Plus & Opportunistic

Grade A Buildings / Projects

High quality construction

Complete Buildings

Efficient asset management & maintenance

Quality Tenants

Substantial residual lease tenure

Returns to come through a four pronged mechanism
  • Regular rental yield
  • Contracted rental growth
  • Conservative leverage at the asset level
  • Cap rate compression
Structuring for optimal returns
  • Tax-efficient structures to ensure a regular flow of rental income, interest income to the Fund from the SPV/ developer
  • Rental income taxed at maximum marginal tax rates
  • Almost half the returns accrue as Capital Gains, which are taxed at lower rates

Opportunistic Funds

Identify and capture a “timely” real estate opportunity


No asset class boundaries - residential, commercial or retail

Equity, debt and hybrid structures